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An Open Letter To Those Born After 1982 (Or The One Thing Your Parents Got Right)

August 23, 2006

Here’s the deal.

Your stepdad, stepmom, guardian, caregiver or actual biological parent screwed up.

Oh, they meant well, but they got it wrong.

Not on purpose.

But because they didn’t understand.

They filled your head with what ended up being lies and now you are walking around somewhat confused. Your instincts are saying one thing but the voices your parents put in your head are saying something else.

Let me clear it up for you.


[Great People Weekend] Kate

May 20, 2006

"I want to take a year off," I started.

"To do what?"

"Don't know. Nothing. Not put a tie on. Get to know my kids properly."

"But how would we earn money?" Kate asked.

"We wouldn't," I replied.


Jobs For People Who Don’t Want A Job (or Jobs For People Who Would Rather Impress Chicks or “Dude, I heard ya’ll are looking for a CEO…”)

May 17, 2006


If you haven't figured out the best way to raise money for your startup maybe you should just give up and get yourself a cool job instead. I hear chicks love guys with jobs, especially cool ones.

Like one of these:

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