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Word On The Street:An Open Letter To Web Future Guys From Us Regular Cool User Guys

February 24, 2006


I’m not a tech guy.

I’m just a regular dude with a music background and an interest in new media. I read with interest those folks who obviously know a lot more than me about whats going on.

But these folks sometimes seem to miss something kinda important.



DesignerElle of Lipped Media answers 3 questions

January 28, 2006


DesignerElle had her blog network up and running before some of you even realized they existed.

Lipped Media has been up and running for over a year.

Obviously she is doing something right.


The Week Ahead…

January 22, 2006

3 Questions With Andy Merrett of The Blue Fish Network

How To Get Famous

3 Questions with Lipped Media’s DesignerElla

2 new Can This Network Be Saved? features

and other stuff that just might be interesting…

Oh, speaking of interesting, take a second and check out Mobuzz. They are doing a video blog which you can watch on your computer but is also optimized for cellphones.