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What Charlie Sheen Could Teach Microsoft (Or Why Your Son Doesn’t Wear Parachute Pants)

October 3, 2007

Back in 1987 I used to tell women I thought I had a chance with that they looked delicious.

It worked for a while.

But these are no longer the days of Neneh Cherry.

It’s 20 years later:


Why Paris Hilton Is Famous (Or Understanding Value In A Post-Madonna World)

September 18, 2006

I’m amused by Paris Hilton.

If Madonna was Marketing 1.0 then Paris Hilton is Marketing 2.0.

She’s a real life version of what value is and how it is created today.

Every web developer should pay attention to her.

The Copy And Paste Guide To A Job With Mark Cuban (Or Understanding The New New Movie Business)

July 24, 2006

[So Mark Cuban is offering a job to the person who can figure out how to get people into the movie theater without massive amounts of marketing. As a public service I decided to print the answer here. Please feel free to tweak this idea and send it to Mark. After you get the job all I ask is that you send me some Mavericks playoff tickets for next year. Good seats, though!]

Dear Mr. Cuban,

I saw your post today “The Movie Business Challenge” asking:

“How do you get people out of the house to see your movie without spending a fortune. How can you convince 5 million people to give up their weekend and go to a theater to see a specific movie without spending 60mm dollars.”

The answer is simple.


How To Be Bigger Than Brian Clark (Or the 6 months and counting Monday Remix)

July 10, 2006


So it’s not working.

The product/service you have spent years thinking about and invested all your pension in just isn’t working.

Don’t give up hope.

Here is the secret on how to be bigger than jesus.