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What Charlie Sheen Could Teach Microsoft (Or Why Your Son Doesn’t Wear Parachute Pants)

October 3, 2007

Back in 1987 I used to tell women I thought I had a chance with that they looked delicious.

It worked for a while.

But these are no longer the days of Neneh Cherry.

It’s 20 years later:


Video Killed The Blogging Star. Really.

June 12, 2006

Scoble leaves Microsoft to videoblog.


The Internet-Less People To Yell At (Or Let’s Start Yelling At The Right People!)

June 9, 2006

[In my effort never to write another substantial blog post, I give todays duties to Howard Lindzon. He's the hedge fund manager who's almost always right about money matters and is entertaining to boot. Since most of my readers are really into the internet Howard put together a post just for us.]