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Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Walker and the Importance Of Shoes (A chartreuse/9rules retrospective)

May 3, 2006

The Rock Band/ Blog Network known as 9rules celebrates their first anniversary today.

Now this blog has had a lot of fun with those 9rules guys. In fact they have been tagged in 22 of my posts in the 3.5 months of this blogs existence.

So I thought it would be cool to give a 9rules retrospective through the eyes of this blog.


9rules Reintroduces the Safety Dance

March 30, 2006

So I was reading Blogebrity yesterday and they had a post  about the 9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge.

I decided to put it up on YouTube to see what the real public thinks. And, of course, to see if the 9rules gang symbol takes off.

Check it out below before Scrivs sends me a cease and desist order.

(If you would like to check the popularity of this video visit YouTube and search under the tag gangs. Really.)

This Day In Remix

February 27, 2006

things I was thinking about writing about but realized they were too short for a post…


1938 Media uses video regularly on their posts. (yeah!) But since they use apple quicktime I have to wait for it to load. (awww!)

suggestion: Add a logo to the clips. Upload it to YouTube. The quality will suffer (awww!) But folks can share the clips with others. (yeah!)


Why Mike Rundle Can’t Sleep: BlogMedia Buys Blog Herald

February 26, 2006


There are only 2 types of divorces. The kind which end amicably and the kind that ends with one or both wanting to run the other over with a Mack Truck.

No matter how the divorce ends though, the real pressure falls on the new guy (or girl). They will always be wondering in the back of their minds, “How do I compare to the ex?”

That question will be soon be running through the minds of the executive staff of Blog Media. They just picked up the audience of The Blog Herald recently dumped by blogebrity Duncan Riley.