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Art, Rocks and Obama (Or how to live in the age of the perpetual remix)

February 5, 2009

Back when I was in the record business one of my bosses would always say you can find the future by looking at the edges.

Well he didn’t say that exactly but he would always go first to the gay clubs and see what they was listening to now because he claimed, by next year, everyone would be listening to it.

Some things don’t change.


Housekeeping (NYC edition)

July 21, 2006

First I need to thank everyone involved in someway with my Manhattan trip. Special thanks to Howard Lindzon who was generous enough to put put me up at The W in Union Square and Loren Feldman who not only acted as a great security guy but was wwaayy cool to my brother. (He didn’t stop one of my bags from being pilfered though!)


Wine, Women, Song

July 19, 2006

crocodile lounge @ 7pm