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Scrivs Wins

August 30, 2006

It was obvious that Tampa/St.Pete was not big enough for Paul Scrivens and myself.


Website Security Alert (YELLOW)

July 14, 2006


The Importance of Design And The Unimportance Of Blogs ( Or The 9rules Donut Obsession)

May 18, 2006


Hopefully, the first thing you notice on your first visit to this blog is that it doesn't have a real domain name.

Then, that the design is obviously a template.


Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Walker and the Importance Of Shoes (A chartreuse/9rules retrospective)

May 3, 2006

The Rock Band/ Blog Network known as 9rules celebrates their first anniversary today.

Now this blog has had a lot of fun with those 9rules guys. In fact they have been tagged in 22 of my posts in the 3.5 months of this blogs existence.

So I thought it would be cool to give a 9rules retrospective through the eyes of this blog.