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The Google Hasselhoff Techmeme Calacanis YouTube Sloppy Venezuela Remix

October 9, 2006

As long as you’re here…


The Race To The Bottom ( Or Oprah, Lesbians, Jason Calacanis And The Future Of Blogs)

July 3, 2006

Nick Denton is getting rid of under-performing sites and preparing to launch a site about music.

Jason Calacanis is creating Digg clones and Metroblogging clones.

PayPerPost is introducing product placement to the blogsophere.

The Blog Herald is being threatened by the more media intensive Blogging Times.

Here’s the deal.

In case you haven’t noticed the first phase of blogging has ended.

Now comes the race to the bottom.


Bad Music, Bad Business And Other Thoughts On The American Way (The Sunday ‘Look, Up In The Sky’ Remix)

July 2, 2006