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The Late Monday Remix (personality edition)

May 22, 2006


Virtual reality site, Second Life creates an interactive virtual listening party in a virtual NYC loft for real Sire Records Artist Regina Spektor


Daily Remix (Mostly New Media Edition)

May 18, 2006


 …Fox understands the deep economics of new media. Value capture in the new media value chain is a function of market power. And market power is a function of attention. And attention is allocated most efficiently by markets, networks and communities…

Podcast Advertising-By The Numbers

The Drug War Survival Podcast

Anti Social-Network Legislation

Dylanwolf, can you see no difference between me telling you to depart forthwith since I am markedly discomfited by your errant nonsense, and me telling you to fuck off?’

The Best Story Of The Day

The Sunday (photo) Remix (or Should A Warren Zevon Track Make The List?)

May 7, 2006


Interview With Rafat Ali

April 21, 2006

One of the most successful one man blogging empires (well it's not one man anymore!) is 's founder Rafat Ali.

Inside Digital Media has a cool audio interview with him today. It's about 30 minutes long and you can listen to it here.