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[posts worth stealing] Check Google Backlinks Through Yahoo

March 30, 2006

[more from my list of favorite Liz Strauss posts. Remember you can read her latest tips here.]

Check Google Backlinks Through Yahoo

ME Strauss wrote this at 12:58 pm:

I’m not actually sure how I got there. That happens to me in real life too–more than I’d like to admit.

Somehow I ended up on a forum called SEO Guy on a thread about backlinks. The discussion was about that age old question

Why don’t my backlinks show up in Google?

It’s accepted knowledge that Google only reports about 5% of the backlinks it knows about. This practice frustrates folks attempting to see where they stand.


[posts worth stealing] How To Get Quick Traffic From Newsweek

March 28, 2006


[The first blog I read everyday is Successful Blog written by Liz Strauss. She searches the net and finds the best people saying the best things to aid bloggers and puts her own spin on it.

It's because of her blog that this blog is even remotely successful because of her tips and wit that she provides to people everyday.

If you have never read her blog then you are in for a treat. What I have done is picked out some of my favorite posts from her site and will be posting them in full at random all this week.

I'll still be posting my own stuff but since most of you guys have a blog I thought you might appreciate this stuff. 


(oh, yeah, I got permission!)

(and also check out her personal site as well!)]