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An Open Letter To My Ex-Wife In The World Changing Business (Or You don’t have to be beautiful…but it helps)

February 28, 2009

Dear favorite ex-wife who spends her time trying to change the world:

No matter what happens in our next 50 years, you know no will love you more than me. And I respect more than anyone the things you are trying to do.

If it wasn’t for people like you the world would never have the opportunity to be as great as it could be.

But I want to be sure you know what’s really going on.

And how the world really works.


Because 50% Of Marriages Fail Because Of Gayness (Or Why I took Down The Pictures Of Angelina Jolie’s Kid)

June 10, 2006

I have no respect for the law.


Letter From Reader: Forget Paris (Or The Art Of The Screwup)

May 25, 2006


I love your blog but I do you mind if I give you some constructive criticism?

Some days you write posts that are truly inspiring. They completely change the way I look at things. I appreciate it. But sometimes what you post is absolute crap. Ice Cube? Paris Hilton? Angelina Jolie For President?

Your blog could be one of the most popular on the net if you consider things like spellcheck and maybe running things by an editor. It hard for me to tell people what the blog is about because it's about everything.

Maybe a little quality control?

Love ya bro,



I love hearing from the readers of this blog. Your views are more than important. They are the reason I write this blog.

But fuck quality control.


Who Wins If MySpace Loses?

March 22, 2006

What happens if Scott Karp and the MySpace moralists win…(via

…If MySpace falters in the next 1-2 years, it will be because of this moral panic. Before all of you competitors get motivated to exacerbate the moral panic, think again. If the moral panic succeeds:

  1. Youth will lose (even more) freedom of speech. How far will the curtailment of the First Amendment go?
  2. All users will lose the safety and opportunities of pseudonymity, particularly around political speech and particularly internationally.
  3. Internet companies will be required to confirm the real life identity of all users. At their own cost.
  4. International growth on social communities will be massively curtailed because it is much harder to confirm non-US populations.
  5. Internet companies will lose the protections of common carrier which will have ramifications in all sorts of directions.
  6. Internet companies will see a massive increase in subpoenas and will be forced to turn over data on their users which will in turn destroy the trust relationship between companies and users.
  7. There will be a much greater barrier for new communities to form and for startups to build out new social environments.
  8. International companies will be far better positioned to create new social technologies because they won’t have to abide by American laws even if American citizens use their technology (assuming the servers are hosted outside of the US). Unless, of course, we decide to block sites on a nation-wide basis….