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[music video break]The Red Hot Chili Peppers Do Alanis Morissette

May 4, 2006

A great live video from Woodstock '99 of one of my favorite RHCP songs …how ironic

…I can’t tell iff I’m a king pin or a pauper
Greedy little people in a sea of distress
Keep your more to receive your less
Unimpressed by material excess
Love is free love me say hell yes…

reloaded:For the record: Watching this video reminded me how much I love this band. Those guys are rock stars.

the sad self-destruction of the red hot chili peppers

May 4, 2006


[the following is an email posted by Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers on the band website.]

Date: Tues, May 2
From: "Michael Balzary"

when i woke up this morning
i was was confronted with the news that our record has been leaked to
the internet
it does not come out til may 9 but now it has leaked
and not that i know alot about this kind of thing
but i guess now it is possible to down load it for free if you want
that's not very nice