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Michelle Malkin And The Death Of Old Hollywood (Or The Rise Of The New New Hollywood)

May 1, 2006

I don't like Michelle Malkin.

I think she exemplifies everything that's wrong with the age we live in.

She's loud and graceless.

But despite her politics she's right about something important and she's on the cusp of the new new Hollywood.


New Media, Adsense and Threesomes (quick weekend reads)

April 23, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

A different look at this week's Top 100 Albums chart.

Top 10 Adsense Tools. Really.

“Do what you believe in, and believe in what you do.”

The Economist discusses New Media (via Swarming Media)

[letters] Sometimes I get Things Right…

April 19, 2006

Clickthroughs from my site to the single video I uploaded to YT on April 12 were more than double the clickthroughs I get from any of the podcasts and more than triple the clickthroughs I receive from the text-only posts…

One video. Only a week old. Reminds of something someone once said:

Robert Bruce | American Poet |

Check out the video Robert is talking about here.

Howard Stern, American Idol And My 500 Year Plan (or not exactly worth a full blog post)

April 18, 2006

Someone I know really needs to do a real investigation into how American Idol works. My gut tells me something isn't right. For example: Queen Guitarist Accuses American Idol Of Misrepresentation

I was reading an old Fast Company magazine about a company that put together a 500 year plan their company. Really. Then I read this: How Deep Is Your Company Vision? Maybe I will put together a 500 year plan for this blog. Now that would be interesting. Let me know if you have any ideas…

Nike, Warner Bros., MTV2 and Dimension Films are just a few of the big-name marketers that have begun to advertise on What is Calacanis' opinion now? Is it a real business yet? And what about these YouTube competitors?

Sirius payed 500 million for 5 years of Howard Stern (that covers everything). Since his arrival 2 million people have agreed to pay 12 13 bucks a month for the service. Um, if no one else signs up and we don't include any money Sirius makes from advertising or from the sales of the recievers that deal will net the company half a billion dollars. Who thought Stern's move was a bad idea?