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The Day After Tuesday Bloggers Remix (or nine rules, ten feet, and four hundred thirty six comments but it’s the pictures that really change the world)

May 31, 2006


Can pictures change the world?


Sometimes A Makeover Is Not What You Need (Or Why wives should listen to their husbands or The problem with freckles and sexnotwork)

May 30, 2006


Before my first wife and I married I convinced her to dye her hair what I now like to call 'Aeon Flux' black.

Though it made her look sexy as all outdoors (at least to me) something about it wasn't right.

Maybe it was the freckles across her nose.

Maybe it was just her personality.

Sometimes a makeover is just not what you need.


The Problem With Aiming Low…

February 9, 2006


Contrary to what some folks are implying sex blogs are not just popping up. They are just going mainstream. And you can’t get more mainstream than the 9rules folks.

Despite how it bothers some people, the 9rules folks and Sam Sugar are closer than ever to launch a group of blogs about sex. They have been imitated before it has even launched and inspired prostitutes and others to come out of their proverbial holes (pun intended).

Marshall Kirkpatrick brought up some decent questions but no one seems to be asking the right ones. Such as:


Planes, Trains, New Hollywood and Your Network

February 6, 2006


I woke up with a headache so you all are in trouble.

Here’s where the rubber hits the road.

This is the post where you decide if you are with me or against me. If you think I am a full of shit blowhard or if I really know what I am talking about.

Yesterday, before the boring Superbowl, I was reading Brogebrity and came across a mention of Jason Calacanis’ diatribe on YouTube. Jason, who I don’t know and never met in my life, is , of course, wrong as sin. I was bothered he didn’t understand the participation age we live in but whatever. (more…)