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Just when you thought it was over…

January 21, 2006


Like I said, I don’t really do blog network news but the war between some 9rules folks and Cowboy of Spoke Media fame has started again.

For those of you not keeping up here is the deal this time.

9rules (after realizing that design and quality does not always mean profits) has cast their lot with Sam Sugar to create a sex blog network.

Well, Cowboy decides to launch a sex blog network as well. He calls it (the originality is overwhelming).

 Sam Sugar thought it was interesting enough to post that there was a competing network stealing his idea and the owner was a former 9rules guy.

Cowboy has a fit and whines about it on his site.

Here’s the deal. As someone who has had actual ideas stolen the notion of someone stealing the idea of a sex blog network is weak. Sex blogs ain’t exactly new. Though it’s not listed in the media kitNick Denton has had a very profitable sex blog for years. He even sometimes calls himself a porn publisher.

Now getting upset because someone posted a private email is something I can understand. But the whining about is a bit much. Cowboy’s post about it is very histronic and…gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that.). But it seems to be a given that if you are a Spoke Media guy you have to whine.

Of course before the weekend is out I expect the guys to all kiss and make up. I just hope it will be videotaped and posted on their respective new networks.