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Tribal Council Gone Wrong (Or Sandra Bernhard Voted Off The Views’s Island)

June 19, 2006

It seems David Krug wasn't the only one in some verbal tiffs. Last week sexy Sandra Bernhard had it out with some members of the View.


and in case you missed it, check out my interview in the new Blog Herald.

Tom Cruise, Sandra Bernhard And The Big Elephant (Or LinkedIn, MySpace And The Big Elephant)

May 8, 2006

I have had a raging headache all day so this may come across as a little grouchy. If so, sorry.

Now I'll admit I'm a strange duck.

I think there is something extremely sexy about Sandra Bernhard.

I think Howard Stern is a genius.

And I really like Tom Cruise.

But I was sorta miffed by the posts I've been reading online about social networks being all about "I" and the disappointing numbers for M:III (irritating name btw).

It's like everyone is just noticing the elephant in the room.