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3 Questions With Steve Johnson of Clear Digital Media

January 31, 2006

Steve Johnson

After surviving a motorcycle accident and spending a week in the hospital, one of the first things Clear Digital Media owner Steve Johnson did was answer 3 questions about his fast growing network. BTW,the purse in the picture does not belong to Steve Johnson (not that there is anything wrong with that.) (more…)

Profiting From Spiritual Nirvana:3 Answers From John Evans

January 24, 2006


If I was to pick out a guy who ran a blog network I don’t think John Evans would be the guy.

First he calls the network Syntagma. (I had to look it up and then look up one of the words in the definition!)

Then he fills the network with blogs covering topics like Spiritual Nirvana and the Supernatural.

What is this guy thinking?

Well, I sent him 3 questions.

Check out the answers. (more…)

The Care and Feeding Of Writers

January 15, 2006

I am really finding it funny to read all the hoopla about paying writers. Pay per post model. Revenue sharing model. The noise has been happening for a while

Here’s what some of you future media moguls don’t know about writers:

Writers have always been at the bottom of the money-making totem pole in all industries. Screenwriters make squat while producers make millions. Same happens in the music (though it’s a little fairer),the television and book industry.

If you are having a problem getting or keeping writers and you think the problem is money then you really have a problem. (more…)