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The Importance of ‘Catcher In The Rye’

August 31, 2006

You don’t know me.

Because the most popular TV Show is only seen by 25% of the country.


Mitsubishi, C-Span and Unintended Conseqences (Or How Not To Get Laid)

May 9, 2006


True Story

Back in my 20's when I was working at a radio station and owned a nightclub, George Fisher (one of the station djs) bought himself a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

He drove it off the lot directly to the radio station.

Since he had to go on the air I begged him to let me take it to my club. He of course said no.

But I was persistant and though he had owned the car less than an hour he let me take it.


Girls, Shoes and Parking (The May 3rd Morning Remix)

May 3, 2006


"Girls aged 12 to 15 are more likely than boys to have a mobile phone, use the internet, listen to the radio and read newspapers or magazines."

How To Get People To Work For Free. Really.