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My Short And Uneventful Marriage To The Empress Of Spoke Media

July 28, 2006

So the chick pictured above runs one of the most outrageous media empires in the earth’s atmosphere. It’s properties include a blog network, a sex radio show on Sirius, and a recently launched blog on sex blogs.

So I shot her an email saying I wanted to interview her and asking if she could send me some pictures.

She sent me a couple the same day.

I repaid her promptness by forgetting about the questions I was supposed to send.

She then sent me an email accusing me of just asking for her pictures so I would have something new to jerk off to.

I hate it when chicks figure me out.


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts (“Slick Envelope” Edition)

July 25, 2006


Heroin Addiction, BlogMedia and The Art Of The Comeback In Internet Time

March 7, 2006

One of my favorite songs of all-time is “Strawberry” by the used-to-be-famous band “Everclear“.

The song is about a heroin addict’s struggle to stay clean.

For some reason that song was in my head this morning as I thought about the latest news from BlogMedia.

Things were looking pretty bleak for BlogMedia earlier this year.


Another Sleepness Night For Mike Rundle: 9rules For Teens

March 1, 2006


17-year-old senior in high school has just launched Random Shapes. As he explains it:

…Kinda like 9rules but only teen bloggers…

Like all teenagers they are rallying against ‘the man’ (that would be any adult) and they have a mission: