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Lindsey Lohan, Game Shows and the Bloggers Who Love Them (The Tuesday Morning Remix)

June 27, 2006



Cute Is What We Strive For…The Friday YouTube Remix

June 23, 2006



[Blog Network Weekend] Level 9 Media

May 13, 2006


Level9Media consists of just 3 sites. Starked LA, Starked NYC and BullThink!.

Now the Starked sites are like a poor man's Gawker. All the attitude, none of the connections. Both make for an entertaining read and I often find myself laughing outloud.

They have video clips and all the other stuff future media moguls are trying out.

BullThink is a different story. I don't get it.

That's not a bad thing but not a great thing either. I'm a big 'cool new stuff' kinda guy but I'm still trying to figure Bullthink! out.

When I do I'll let you know.

Girls, Shoes and Parking (The May 3rd Morning Remix)

May 3, 2006


"Girls aged 12 to 15 are more likely than boys to have a mobile phone, use the internet, listen to the radio and read newspapers or magazines."

How To Get People To Work For Free. Really.