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The Noah Brier Experience (Or How I Stopped Being Twitter-De-Dum)

August 22, 2007

My Dad is a pretty wise man.

He didn’t get that way till I got older but his way of looking at the world kinda seeped into my alcohol induced cells.

It took years for my Dad to accept call waiting.

“What can be more rude than leaving a conversation to talk to someone else.”

And his final words when friends would try to call us and the phone was inevitably busy:

“If it’s really important they’ll call back.”


An Open Letter To Vaspers The Grate (or Look Ma! No Pictures! No Links!)

July 11, 2006


No one loves you more than me.

The fact you disagree with my breathing lately doesn’t bother me. It’s the price I pay for almost always being right.

Let me eexxppaanndd on your problem with my last post.

Grab your notebook and take notes: I’m gonna be mega serious and give you what you paid for.