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[Blog Network Weekend] Galacticast:Part Of The Rocketboom Video Network?

May 13, 2006

Galacticast is a three to five-minute “lo-fi sci-fi” videoblog covering the worlds of geekdom. Each show is made up of different segments based on B-movie titles, hosted by Casey McKinnon and/or Rudy Jahchan and featuring news, comic and movie reviews, interviews, skits and special features.


[video ad] The Silicon Soul Show

May 13, 2006

 presents the The Silicon Soul Show

A brief history of Silicon Soul

Candy, Comments, Cashmore, Colonoscopy and Conservatives (daily remix)

April 25, 2006

Seth Godin linked to an interesting post about how KitKat became #1 in Japan. Even more interesting (to me) are comments like this. The guy may have a point. Have marketers destroyed society?

Fraser Kelton is conducting experiments with influence and getting interesting results.

Mike Pete Cashmore and Search Engine Watch talk about the latest Technorati Killer.

Conservatives discover videobloggingdamn..but perfect name.

I need some help from Lindzon.