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October 30, 2007


I could have swore I wrote an interesting post yesterday about the problem with experience.

Now it’s gone.

Seems I’m not the only one with this problem. And this problem.

Fortunately Matt and his crew have a lot of goodwill stored up…

Everything I Know About New Media I Learned From George Bush

August 22, 2006

Google or Yahoo?

WordPress or Blogger?

Mac or PC?

Israel or Hezbollah?


The Five Greatest Female Voices Alive

August 16, 2006

In no particular order:

Annie Lennox

Aretha Franklin

Christina Aguliera

Shamshad Begum


(And though it doesn’t sing, Happy Birthday to, it has served me well! And an Honorable mention to Mrs. Jose Lima because she’s hot…)

The Women Of WordCamp 2006 (Or “The Author Of This Blog Went To WordCamp And All He Bought Back Were Pictures Of Chicks”)

August 6, 2006

One of things that surprised me were how many women showed up to WordCamp.