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Living With Beyonce (Or The Problem with Most Blog Networks)

June 7, 2006


[ one of the cool things about having this space is that I get the chance to give other folks the stage once in a while. 9rules honcho Beyonce (or Tyme White to those who don't read this blog) agreed to write something specifically for you guys. I wasn't expecting anything too controversial, oops! It's a great read and really something for writers to think about before joining a blog network.] 


The Sunday (photo) Remix (or Should A Warren Zevon Track Make The List?)

May 7, 2006


The Devil’s Candy (or satan’s guide to blogging success)

April 25, 2006


So this blog is in pretty good shape for one that has been in existence for around 100 days (I'm too lazy to get the exact number!).

Because of that I sometimes get emails like this one:

I wanted to know if you can give
me some free tips on starting a blog, a sports blog really. I've been having these entreprenuerial ideas, and I think I wanna start my own sports blog. If you have any advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

Let give you my advice for a successful blog.


Inside The Latest Blog Network Implosion (Or Everlasting Importance Of Beyonce)

April 19, 2006


If you hang out in the comment section of this blog then you were one of the first to know about the latest Blog Media news.

It seems that flamethrower David Krug, along with uber-designers Chris Pearson and Ben Bleikamp, have left Blog Media for…free agency?