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“…and also be wary of small men with big ideas.”

March 3, 2009

“People don’t know what’s going to happen next. My readers are not sure. Could I embarrass them? Maybe. Could I inspire them? Maybe. They don’t know. That’s very important, because when you become a comfortable, reliable friend, I’m not sure that’s the place for great blogging.” –Prince Campbell (chartreuse)

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My Life As A Stripper

October 24, 2007


Reading this site is like dealing with the stripper you took to breakfast and now she only occasionally answers your calls.

You still keep the number, just in case.

You just can’t give up on it.

This blog will return to regular programming October 29, 2007.

How Julie Chen Helped Create The New Sprint Exclusive Entertainment Network

October 16, 2007

julie chen moonves 

Exec:”chirp” Paul, you busy?

Paul:chirpWhy the fuck did we buy this ‘push to talk shit’? It’s ruder than fucking call waiting…

Exec:”chirp” That was a Gary move, sir.

Paul:”chirpGlad someone got fired over that shit. Whadda you want, I’m talking to Chartreuse. (more…)