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Art, Rocks and Obama (Or how to live in the age of the perpetual remix)

February 5, 2009

Back when I was in the record business one of my bosses would always say you can find the future by looking at the edges.

Well he didn’t say that exactly but he would always go first to the gay clubs and see what they was listening to now because he claimed, by next year, everyone would be listening to it.

Some things don’t change.


Nancy Grace And The Importance Of Battlestar Galactica Figures

September 1, 2008

Before I headed back to Gotham I thought I would spend a portion of my Labor day going to an Obama rally here in Detroit.

My cousin and her daughter got me up early and we headed out to Hart’s Plaza. The speech wasn’t scheduled to start till 11am so our 8am arrival seemed early enough.

We stood in the slow moving line for a spot in the park for 4 hours but still ended up having to watch his speech on the Jumbotron set up for those like us who arrived too late get in.

But this post isn’t about that.