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Fat Asian Girls, The Importance Of Being The Dumbest Person In The Room And Other Random Mid-December Thought Remixes

December 18, 2008


For months I’ve been wanting to write about what entrepreneurs can learn from terrorists. The whole idea of attacking the weak point in large systems, taking advantage of common technologies and having a completely flat organization. But after Mumbia I don’t think I will.


Welcome To The Death Of Authority Or Giving People What They Really Want {previously unpublished}

September 29, 2008

[Unknown to most of you, I write at least 3 posts a week on this blog. I just don’t publish them (for various reasons, usually because they are just not good or the ideas not totally thought out.) But this week I am going to publish some of them Just because I probably will never finish them and you may get something out of them.]

[written sept. 24, 2008]

Like you, I don’t know much about global economics.

But I didn’t need to read page 225 of Taleb’s bestseller “The Black Swan” to know that global banking and the economy were vulnerable to collapse.

20th Century strategies don’t work to solve 21st Century problems.

Welcome to the death of authority.