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“Hey, is that camera on? I got something to say!” (Or The Map Is Not The Territory)

February 23, 2009


Everyone’s talking about money these days so when a family member sent me a link to a tv show featuring my cousin and how he made his money I was shocked but decided to watch.


“I don’t judge you for having those thighs. I judge you for having those thighs and wearing those shorts” And other favorite tweets

September 19, 2008

sometimes a little distress is good for you


interestingness (and other 21st Century Skills To Teach Your Kids)

July 16, 2008


I did not realize people were having such a hard time trying to find people to follow on Friendfeed and Twitter.

So as a public service I have gone through my Twitter and Friendfeed lists and put together a list of people you should follow and probably aren’t.

They all have only have one thing in common.