Let’s Talk Sins Not Tragedies (or Chartruese Takes Manhattan)

If you happen to be in New York City on Tuesday or Wednesday (Weds. is better) and you would like to meet and talk about media, music or hot chicks shoot me an email and we’ll get together.

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10 Comments on “Let’s Talk Sins Not Tragedies (or Chartruese Takes Manhattan)”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    I jst sent you an email. I can tke you to see my brother’s band Weds. night!

  2. Clyde Smith Says:

    Nice pic. I just saw a very similar pocketbook at a bar in North Carolina friday night.

    Is it famous?

  3. I’m busy doing a security sweep on the whole island . Also had a meeting with Mayor Bloomberg and he’s assigning a special detail. Scores is on red alert.

  4. Robert Bruce Says:

    Can’t you find some business to conduct in Portland big man?

    Sin is a favorite topic of mine…

  5. Ditto what RB said, only from Los Angeles-rhymes-with-“cheese”.

    Or hell, just go meet up w/ him in Portland and tape it. That shit would go WIDE on the interwebs…

  6. fred Says:

    i think site security is responsible for me being off the island of manhattan for exactly the 36 hour period that you will be there!

  7. Fred,

    Please don’t take it personally. You seem like a nice enough fellow, but I simply cannot take any chances. The hysteria is building as you know.

    I’m working on the parade route right now. The boss is going down 5th Ave in a bullet proof Chartreuse-Mobile. It’s like the Pope-Mobile except it’s an Aston Martin with hot chicks draped all over it. Fun, but a logistical nightmare.

    So please everyone in NY stay calm.

  8. Site Provocateur Says:

    You can stay calm when you’re dead. We need to ramp things up around here!

  9. Site Provacateur we are already at code yellow. I’m opening a case file on you. I need a raise.

  10. Michael Doig Says:

    So any news on where the famous Chartreuse will be?

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