Hush Hush

Posted September 14, 2014 by chartreuse
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“…did you hear that?”

The F-word

Posted September 17, 2010 by chartreuse
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Kanye West

Fox News

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“…and also be wary of small men with big ideas.”

Posted March 3, 2009 by chartreuse
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“People don’t know what’s going to happen next. My readers are not sure. Could I embarrass them? Maybe. Could I inspire them? Maybe. They don’t know. That’s very important, because when you become a comfortable, reliable friend, I’m not sure that’s the place for great blogging.” –Prince Campbell (chartreuse)

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true/false smart/dumb and a few maybes (Or always be wary of big men with small ideas)

Posted March 1, 2009 by chartreuse
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Digg getting into the toolbar business: Smart

Rihanna going back to Chris Brown: Dumb

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An Open Letter To My Ex-Wife In The World Changing Business (Or You don’t have to be beautiful…but it helps)

Posted February 28, 2009 by chartreuse
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Dear favorite ex-wife who spends her time trying to change the world:

No matter what happens in our next 50 years, you know no will love you more than me. And I respect more than anyone the things you are trying to do.

If it wasn’t for people like you the world would never have the opportunity to be as great as it could be.

But I want to be sure you know what’s really going on.

And how the world really works.

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The Blog Post That Riled Eminem And Gave Steve Jobs A Court Date

Posted February 25, 2009 by chartreuse
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On February 6, 2007 Steve Jobs wrote his “Thoughts On Music” on the Apple website.

He explained Apple’s need to ‘license rights to distribute music from others,’ mentioning Universal and the other large record companies.

This ubiquitous statement may now be the death nell for already struggling record companies.


Because Eminem read Steve Jobs ‘thoughts’, that line in particular and got pissed.

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Everything Is Amazing, But Nobody Is Happy

Posted February 24, 2009 by chartreuse
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Below is the funniest video I’ve seen since Feldman’s Oscar recap.