Working Class Dogs, High School and Amy Winehouse (A music post)

Since I am a grown ass man I am finding it hard to get into the “High School Musical 2” album.

I grew up in the age of Prince and Billy Idol.

I like my pop stars a little less clean.

Thank God for Amy Winehouse!

I’m sure you have heard of her (drugs, sex fetishes, etc.) but have you actually heard her?

She’s a 24 year old British Soul Singer who writes her own songs.

Her biggest hit in the States is “Rehab” shown below.


Amy is currently in rehab…

working class dog

Some other music stuff:

HSM2 sold over 600k copies last week. Are kids really buying that album or are their parents buying it for them? And I think the target market for the High School Musical series is NOT high schoolers but middle schoolers. Right? I know when I went to high school anything with a Disney label was truly not cool. Have kids changed that much?

HSM2 showcases the problem with Top40 radio today. Do you realize that none of the songs off of that album is in the top 20. Know why? Because radio won’t play them.

Dig this radio dudes. I know HSM1&2 are silly. But it’s what the kids want. PLAY THE SONGS! That’s why no one listens to music on the radio anymore. Instead of listening to your audience yo instead try to forcefeed them your tastes. This Christmas MP3 players will be so cheap everyone will have one. And then you die. Happy Holidays! Chartreuse.

Here’s a song from HSM2 (because something tells me you haven’t heard it!)

Now if all this new music stuff is too much for you here’s something to think about.

Rick Springfield is 58 today. Yeah, really.

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17 Comments on “Working Class Dogs, High School and Amy Winehouse (A music post)”

  1. AdamD Says:

    I think the kids who like High School Musical are even younger than middle school. Think single digit ages. Seriously.

    The original HSM was an accidental hit TV movie. Might be an interesting message there, if it wasn’t so sickening for adults to watch.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    You are probably right, single digit ages for sure. Disney’s Hollywood records is the only large conglomerate making any real money with music and they are aimed at ch9ildren. Remember when children’s music was a niche?
    The reason the big push at kids is because it’s the only audience that isn’t fragmented. Yet.

  3. i love high school musical. I will now unsubscribe.


  4. chartreuse Says:

    not liking children is not racist. it’s common sense… πŸ™‚

    The fact you love HSM explains a lot.

  5. Dave Says:

    HSM is aimed at elementary school kids. Hanana Montana is aimed at elementary school kids. That’s So Raven is aimed at elementary school kids. I have a 7 year old, and I don’t see a problem with it. I have had to spend a bunch of time explaining Iraq to a 7 year old, so thank god Disney and their creme-puff story lines where everyone gets along with everyone else.

    My first concert was Rick Springfield’s Working Class Dog tour at the Assembly Center in Baton Rouge. It wasn’t about Jesse’s Girl or I Have Done Everything For You, it was because like HSM, Rick Springfield was a product to be consumed by kids. As I got older, I spent many, many Friday at Tipitina’s with the Nevilles and Port O’ Call listening to Ellis play.

  6. chartreuse Says:

    I met my 2nd wife at Tipitina’s on a Friday night. I love that place!
    I disagree with you on Springfield,though. Wasn’t he a soap opera star?

  7. Travis Says:

    Tipitina’s!!!!! you know what it means to miss New Orleans. nice memories. Big Bro i remember my first concert @ Tips was “Book of Love” and you got me tickets and backstage to meet the band.
    Again thanks for that.

  8. chartreuse Says:

    yeah, i remember that. They were a cool band. Never got the props they deserved here in the states.

    Monica? (at least I think it was her or maybe Hank) and I got a ticket speeding to New Orleans to get the tickets to you in time. We were in Monica’s old, beat up Celebrity. The cop said he was chasing us for over 80 miles, I didn’t know the car could go that fast.
    We were in such a hurry no one bothered looking backwards to notice the cop.

    i recommend everyone live like that. πŸ™‚

  9. kicking back to a little HSM…awesome.

  10. range Says:

    I don’t even know what HSM2 is really. I do have to say that I had to get myself acquainted again with movies for kids for my school. But other than that…

  11. Brian Clark Says:

    I miss New Orleans, but not Howard.

    Luckily, that’s completely congruent.

  12. Dave Says:

    First, I call bullshit on anyone that claims not to have heard of HSM.

    Yes, RS started as a soap star, but go back to the time. When the music hit, he was just the popular brightest flash in the pan of the time. Regardless of his origins, the heat he generated was larger than the source (the orignal Dr. McDreamy on General Hospital). And HSM falls into that catagory.

    In my humble opinion (writing it out for the few old school folks left reading blogs), tweens are the current mass, unfragemented media that can be reached economically. There are only two factions buying for their eyeballs, Nick and Disney. That may change, but the cost is prohibitive since the age group can’t navigate the internet as easily as a someone that can type 5 words a minute.

    For anyone over the age of 10, pop culture is whatever that individual defines it to be. There is no arbitor, no tastemaker that will make the quorum follow. No matter how many twits are out there exponding there view on cool, cool won’t come from the mountain. There is too much content and too many readily available points of view to herd us sheep into a few profitable pens.

    Finally, I love Amy. But two married guys and West Hollywood does not a career make.

    Welcome back, C

    PS, I am following your twit. The crack is addictive and echolalia is comfortable.

  13. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks Dave and a fgood point about kids (tweens) being the last mass media target alive.

    Range, the HSM phenom just hasn’t hit Tiawan yet. But don’t worry, it will. And you have been warned.

    Clark, I’m still wondering who let YOU back in! πŸ™‚

  14. ellis Says:

    Rick Springfield actually was a musician for a long time before becoming an actor. Back to the talk about not hearing HSM on the radio,you won’t,nor any other new music. It’s all about the same 20 songs over and over again. If you want to see what Rick is doing now: check out General Hospital today. “He will be performing a new song he wrote titled,”Who Killed Rock and Roll? It addresses some of the problems artists are facing in the music industry, like trying to get their music played on the radio,etc.

  15. The BF and I were at Disney’s Other Theme Park (don’t ask) and as we were wandering through the unpopulated wasteland, encountered a full-on street show of some song from HSM. The audience? 200 first graders and their soccer moms.

    I miss the 60s. Yes, I’m old.

    (Good to have you back from the dead, Char. Stick around this time, huh?)

  16. Clyde Smith Says:

    Disney’s been killing it in the music industry. I hadn’t realized this stuff wasn’t getting radio play. Despite that the singles from HSM 1 did well and so are the current singles.

    I don’t follow radio closely anymore so I don’t have a clue as to how this phenomenon could grow so large yet not have a spot on the airwaves.

  17. chartreuse Says:

    Communicatrix-i’m commited to this season. I renegotiate in December! πŸ™‚

    Clyde- It’s on the airwaves. Just not radio. (Except RadioDisney!) There have been arguments on pro music sites about the fact the songs get so little airplay. Interesting stuff.

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