The Future Of Blogging (Or My Big Bet In YOU)

I try to bet on myself.

But one of the recent bets I made was on Minic Rivera and his property the Blogging Times.

I mentioned it before, but for you who missed it, Howard Lindzon and I purchased a peice of The Blogging Times.

I think it was the ultimate Web 2.0 aquisition.

Now when most people think about blogging they think about…blogs.

But what is a blog?

Blogs are nothing but a platform for user created content to be put on the net.

Flicker is a blog.

YouTube is a blog.

MySpace is a blog.

TagWorld is a blog.


What we hope to do at TBT is to showcase things of interest to people interested in…blogging. Which, by my definition, is just getting started.

We have a lot of cool things planned.

One of them is getting a team of talented columnists to write for us.

The first we managed to pull was Duncan Riley, founder of the Blog Herald and currently Vice President of B5 Media.

He’ll be writing a weekly column about whatever he wants every Monday.

I suggest you check it out.

His post today is insightful and basicly shreds everything I just said about blogging.

How cool is that?

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39 Comments on “The Future Of Blogging (Or My Big Bet In YOU)”

  1. Lisa Franks Says:

    I like the way you think about blogging. Very fresh. I didn’t know Howard was so smart as well. I think you guys made a good move.

    Duncan is one of my favorites and I will now start reading the blogging times, too!

  2. LISA – OUCH 🙂 My wife concurs with that though. Double ouch 🙂

  3. Liz Strauss Says:

    How cool is that? As cool as you are! You’ve got the brain power. You know the pencils from the ideas. Too many folks get those two things confused for too long.

  4. D. Johnston Says:

    YouTube a blog?!?!?

    You gotta be kidding!

  5. Hypercube Says:

    Flickr is NOT a blog. It’s a photo sharing service. If you try to abstract a blog as to which something “nothing but a platform for user created content to be put on the net”, someone can argue that Microsoft Windows is a blog or Linux is a blog because they let you create content and put on the net. Think about it.

    The Wikipedia definition gets it right,

    “A weblog, which is usually shortened to blog, is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), displayed in a reverse chronological order.”

    You have to specify the “website” part and you cannot abstract it as a “platform”.

    The first photo is lovely BTW. Your spouse should be a really lucky guy.

  6. Zach Says:

    If you ask 50 people what a blog is you will get 42 different definitions and 50 people that disagree with each other in some way, shape, or form. Blog is a term that has been, or needs to be, stripped of any formal definition. A blog is a place (a digital place) where people put content. (oops, I just defined it…damn.) Static, dynamic, shared, private, text, audio, or video, ordered, unorderd, chronological, or not.

    This discussion was had in great length at Wordcamp.

  7. rafi Says:

    the future of blogging:

    my daughter said her first word less than an hour ago … it was her big brother’s name “eddie”

    or more accurately as i heard it over the phone it was “eddie-eddee-eddee-eddee…”

  8. Many web sites and services are now adding “user generated content” as a way, not to enrich their information offerings, but to enable users to “connect” or engage in a community of shared interests.

    I like the idea of being able to attach comments to everything on the web. People are expecting to have the opportunity to interact, to express their opinion, or ask clarification, or vent their rage.

    In YouTube, a friend viciously attacked my videos, seemingly because he was bored and nothing better to do. He put a negative comment under one of my videos. I replied with a counter comment. He added another negative comment, and I responded again.

    Now when anyone arrives at that video, they will see the verbal carnage, and perhaps it will add to the personal dimension of the video.

    “This Vaspers posted a video, and Chillroom flamed him, and then Vaspers flamed right back.”

    They’ll either think we’re both insane or immature, or they’ll laugh and learn how blogocombat is done.

    Here’s why I state all this.

    CEOs and businesspeople claim they fear flames, abusive comments, trolls, harshing, etc. But the average person is out there learning how to flame and be flamed and return flames or douse flames. Blogger pajamas are made of asbestos.

    Now who looks heroic? The CEOs or the average guy or gal?

    Blogs, and interactive functions of web sites, are changing society in subtle as well as macro. The whole chain of communication is changing.

    It’s the rise of individual voice against information monopoly of unilateral broadcast.

  9. rafi Says:

    ^ post sucked. didn’t read.

  10. Mark Wade Says:

    “Blogger pajamas are made of asbestos.”

    Love it!

  11. David Krug Says:

    Dude the best part about your argument is the bathroom wall in this restaurant I just ate at is a blog. It’s all about user generated content and their was a lot of it.

  12. Mike Says:

    Wrong again.

    Your batting average is nearing the Mendoza Line.

    You need to come out of this slump before we start the death knell for what used to be a blog but is now an exercise in posting other peoples pictures with a few syllables of nonsense.

  13. chartreuse Says:


    That’s harsh.

    I think anythink anything anyone puts up on the net and allows others to comment about is a blog.

    Just my opinion.

    Not fucking baseball. 🙂

  14. David Krug Says:

    hahah Mike you are sounding snarky again. You didnt check all the copyrights on those last few posts did you. Damn it. They were all rights reserved on all of them werent they? I’m too bored to check I have to go back to downloading free shit off of morpheus. (j/k)


  15. Liz Strauss Says:

    You can talk the big picture and folks will tear at the details. That’s how it works.

  16. rafi Says:

    by the way my “post sucks” comment was for vaspers who had just said he loved flame wars… bait not taken………… sigh.

    what’s beef?

  17. rafi Says:

    and i like the expansive definition of blogs. fred wilson has been pushing it for a long time now.

  18. It would have been nice if people could just congratulate you Char for your efforts. Lisa and Liz out of 17 comments – thats a bummer.

    I guess you are officially popular now – no one wants to see you succeed 🙂

  19. […] My partner in crime, Charteuse, posts about our vision today . […]

  20. rafi Says:

    Wealth Advisor, should we say three our fathers and hope for forgiveness?

  21. wouldnt hurt – but wont help with the stock market 🙂

  22. David Krug Says:

    No I want Char to succeed cmon. Unlike his partners in crime who wish only for my hasty death in a plane crash I hope he launches not an organization or a business but a movement. And truthfully I desire his happiness minus the technical disagreements we have or the fact he desires via proxy for my failure and even my death.

    I’m still bitter and hurt that his business partners have even attacked my family so I’m really skeptical of all he has to say. Attacking me is one thing my family that’s a whole nother can of worms.

  23. I’m not sure if I’m right, but it seems like everyone knows everyone around here…is this our entire blog community around the world right here ?! I am a pretty new blogger, I’m spotting cliques ! It’s alright though, am gonna form one myself ! One more thing, no matter it’s Flickr, You Tube or WordPress or whatever, producing and reading these sort of things are very time and energy consuming. Say, one day we’re all gonna sit around and blog all day, blogging about sitting in front of the computers, blogging about blogging…like the game 2nd life…now, how SCARY is that ?!

  24. I do have a questions, where do you get all these photographs???

  25. David Krug: that was brilliant, dude, about the bathroom wall displaying user generated content.

    LOL & LMAO & ROTF!!!

    How true. THAT’s the kind of fresh and witty perspective the blogosphere needs. I have to hand it to you, Krug. Fabulous!

    Images? Go to Google Images search.

  26. Another ;&hearts

    A blog is a cult. A clique. And a cul-de-sac in some respects. But I don’t usually hand out kisses, I usually either try to add an enriching data comment, or I punch a person in their virtual face for saying something I don’t like. heh.

    BTW, it was David Krug who turned me on to Chartreuse, so he has done one thing right in his life.

    RAFI: Yes I saw your ^ post sucks. But you sound like a MySpacer now, they call posts “blogs” and toilets “blog platforms”.

    You shoulda typed: ^ comment sucks.

    A post is an essay or content published by author to a blog. A comment is “posted” more accurately speaking it is “published” and appended to a post. If a comment is a post, and a post is a blog, I’m going to be so very corn fused and may try to off myself.

  27. […] A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially if it involves naked Yasmine Bleeth cavorting with Kermit the Frog. […]

  28. Liz Strauss Says:

    Don’t off yourself Steven. The blogosphere needs you around to define it. Besides, you’re the only one with a vocabulary. 🙂

  29. Chris Scott Says:

    A blog is like pornography: I know it when I see it.

  30. KMM Highlights: Making News

    Increasingly Know More Media authors are demonstrating that they understand news values. Continuing recognition and use of these values will increase credibility as well as drive traffic to KMM blogs. Quite a few recent articles on KMM’s network …

  31. Mr Angry Says:

    What I like most about you Char is you’re putting your money where your mouth is, both with the New Orleans project and now the Blogging Times. I wanna be able to say “See that new media magnate that everybody knows and wants a piece of? I knew him when he was a punk-ass blogger on WordPress.”

    Not that I know you.

  32. David Krug Says:

    Thanks Vaspers finally someone not making something up about me or burning my family at the torch.

  33. AndrewE Says:

    I’m pretty sure it was John Steinbeck who once said “while some were busy being the ‘lost generation’ I was busy writing”.

  34. D Krug: keep those blogospheric insights and insults coming. We starve without them. Next up: immersive haptic telepresencing blogs, blogs that can reach out and kick our asses or lend a helping glove. heh blogs as embodiments, literally.

    If I die, my blog surrogate will fill the tiny void speck atom I left behind in my hindquarters and dimes.

  35. scot Says:

    Love your blog! Nice comments on Anna’s site. That woman is really misguided. I try to combat the ignorance but she doesn’t like my comments… It is a relief to see others step in to the fray.

  36. range Says:

    User generated content = blog. I agree with that in principle. Good post, I liked it.

  37. Kristine Says:

    Hmmm. Got to have a bank roll to bet. Or some backers. Hmmm.

  38. shi Says:

    That is the safest bet!!

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