The Answer Sheet


What are you betting on?

If you're betting on technology you'll lose because everyone is reverse engineering everyone else. Fast.

If you're betting on information you'll lose because everyone knows the same thing. And if they don't know it they can learn it. Fast.

If you're betting on institutions you'll lose because no one trusts any institution anymore. From governments to schools to big oil and media companies. Every institution you know now will be completely different before anyone reading this dies.

Fame is a sucker's bet. Everybody's going to be famous. And those who build you will then destroy you. Then build another one just like you.

If you're betting on experts you'll lose because no one believes them. ( see institutions )

There is only one safe bet.


The good news is everyone starts with a winning hand.

You just have to know how to play it…

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25 Comments on “The Answer Sheet”

  1. meettravis Says:

    Life Coaching 101!

  2. Liz Strauss Says:

    Thank you for saying all of that! Whew! There is no such thing as security anymore, except for the security of what I know and I can do. Even the truth changes over time, and time passes on as I will — so I’m not a perfect bet either, except to me. (And if you lived inside this head, that could be considered debatable. grin)

    Good ideas sometimes live on, but you can’t own them. No one can. Most people don’t take the time (see above how it pass on anyway) to think good ideas through to what they really mean so they eat the fast food, skin of the pudding and move on.

    That’s why I come here and read YOU.

  3. Diane Ensey Says:

    Another great one (and I love the first image!).

    So many thoughts generated by this! The main one is that of the Renaissance Person – pursuing one’s interests wherever the fancy takes you. To learn is to grow. Things that keep growing stay eternally young. The only thing you own is your actions/responses/feelings to external events.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    scary and exciting times!

    and that first pic is by luckylulu. if you click on it you can see all her work.

  5. AListReview Says:

    News Floozy: Chocolate Banana Smoothie, NSA, Bush Nadir, Anonymous Comments, Journalism and Stupidity

    I went running again this morning – such a goood girl – and thought I’d share my recipe for my yummy morning smoothie.  1cup low-fat milk, 1cup low-fat vanilla yoghurt, 1 large banana (or 2 small ones), 2 tablespoons of…

  6. Andy H Says:

    Wow, and here I though experts had more value than ever before 🙂

    You can learn information quickly, but not expertise…

    … I read Chartreuse, but somehow I can’t think like he does… as well as he does…

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks Andy,

    Here’s the deal about experts. You can find an expert to tell you anything. (see any Law & Order episode!). That’s why no one believes them.

    But you’re right. I’m the only expert you should trust! 🙂

    Really you should remix the information folks like me give and then trust your own instincts.

  8. I like the comment Chaftreuse – worthy of a post

    All the information is out there. Most bloggers are just remixing it. The good ones remix it with STYLE. Like Rodney in back tto School

  9. VampireFeet Says:

    Nice post.

  10. chartreuse Says:

    Right Howard! You get it.

  11. Brian Says:

    I closed your italics for you. No charge.

  12. Brian Says:

    Dammit, didn’t work!

  13. […] You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your ownsite. […]

  14. […] It’s true I often can. My friend, Chartreuse BETA, is phenomenal at trendspotting, as is our friend, Copyblogger. Scot Karp is excellent at seeing what trends are about to happen. Sometimes it depresses him. Don’t leavee out Tom Peters. . . . How exactly do we do that? […]

  15. meettravis Says:

    this is still a great post!

  16. Hello Chartreuse,

    This is Bonny and I want to thank you for putting my picture on top of all the other pictures of “Women of WordCamp.” Yes I am the Asian girl with red sweater. I am the prettiest because I am the first one on your blog !!! (LOLOLOL and rolling on the ground laughing like a pig)

    I have questions. If you are betting on yourself, what is it that you are generating that could be your best bet ? Is it technology? Information? Institutions ? Or any other things that no one trusts any more ? This question ultimately boils down to who and what you think you are, and what you put into this world according to that realization. Who are you ?

  17. David Krug Says:

    That was the question of the century! We should all ask ourselves that question. Who am I and what do I bring to this world? Everything else has failed me. Traditonal institutions and the like. The only thing I can depend on is me and you.

    Shit there is an entire novel right there. Or maybe a new nation or society around that simple question.

    Who are you?

  18. hey David,

    Think you might like this.

    I made this site some time ago…

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