The Price We All Pay For A Sarah Silverman Website

True Story.

Dallas Penn, a reader of this blog, bashed some folks over at MTV back in March of this year.

Now in the tech world you’re nobody till somebody hates. (Jason Calacanis has made a career off of people mocking and bashing him.)

Though they’ve managed to make Sarah Silverman’s tv show a decent website, it seems the folks over at Viacom haven’t learned that basic internet law.

A few weeks ago, a different reader of this blog, Rafi Kam, got a press pass to cover the VH1 Hip Hop Honors for his blog Oh Word.  He armed himself with a video camera and the guy who bashed some Viacom staff back in March, Dallas.

Is it possible that some Viacom staff would hold an internet drudge for over six months?

Needless to say they did.(see last 3 paragraphs).

Now if that was the only complaint against the network parent Viacom and it’s offspring then this would barely be a post. (And what would I do with my Silverman pictures!)

Of course there’s more.

As members of the “blog press” Oh Word weren’t supposed to be at the show… they were supposed to be in the press room watching the show on the cool ass Viacom monitors.

Rafi thought it would be more interesting if they left the press room, snuck into the VIP lounge and then onto the floor of the actual live show.

So that’s what they did. (And videotaped it).

And then posted it on YouTube.

So today Viacom had YouTube remove the offending footage of the same show they aired on television.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been paying attention to Viacom lately, you know that they have a weird way of looking at copyright law.

For example : Viacom is claiming that Chris Knight violated their copyright by posting on YouTube a segment from it’s VH1 show Web Junk 2.0… which VH1 produced – without permission – from a video that Chris had originally created.

Here’s the Knight produced video:

And here’s the Viacom segment done without permission:

These Viacom guys are crazy.

But it seems they got corporate communication down.

Viacom also has a ning-ish site called Flux created by the same cool ass folks who developed TagWorld.

It’s going to link (eventually) all the Viacom consumer properties. They are testing it now.

And guess who got some of the first invites.

Rafi and Dallas, of course.

Obviously somebody didn’t get the memo…

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13 Comments on “The Price We All Pay For A Sarah Silverman Website”

  1. David L Says:

    That Bodega video was pretty good. We need one here Seattle! Viacom are idiots though.

  2. rafi Says:

    Nice post! Love the title… Sarah Silverman is supposed to be edgy & fearless but is basically running her “mean” shtick into the ground. Viacom, edgy and fearless? Not so much…

    Running their shtick into the ground? Totally.

    What’s up with a company that pays lip service to web culture & hip-hop as promotional devices but then gets their panties in a bunch about intellectual property? Particularly when the performance video, posted by some influencers they’re courting, just promotes their show.

    Tomorrow the real video drops… Internets Celebrities behind the scenes at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors. I guarantee you it will be a lot more entertaining and insightful than their award show and less than 5% of the run-time.

    The only question is if we put it on YouTube, will it get yanked?!

    For your readers.. There’s more videos at

  3. Terry C. Says:

    I tried to but I couldn’t really understand what Dallas? was saying in his post about the MTV guys. Did they have a fight?

  4. rafi Says:


    They approached acting like they were ready to fight… the guy stepping up was heated, warning Dallas to watch what he says and repeating threats like “I know where you are. I’ve seen you alone.” This was right after the VH1 honors show so there were cops all over the block to break it up.

    As Dallas says in that post, if they really wanted to fight they would have attacked instead of trying to intimidate. I really question the wisdom of someone of more typical blogging physique trying to intimidate someone of Dallas’s size anyway.

    But yeah I guess the guy had a few drinks in him and was feeling brave. A loyal “company man” even in his off-time!

  5. chartreuse Says:

    I only wrote about it because I thought the story was interesting.
    Plus it gave me a chance to mention Sarah…

  6. Ali Says:

    Char, you can make anything relevent and funny. Viacom obvious is lost when it comes to there copyright stand.
    Rafi-send me an invite to Flux please!

  7. Clyde Smith Says:

    Flux has a blog with no rss feed, email newsletter or comments. Dive right in guys!

    Nevertheless I filled out a membership request and look forward to checking out what they’re up to.

  8. this is fantastic , i like , but i need more of the written content

  9. Billy Sunday Says:

    Nice drop(post). Proof positive of the small range thinking that takes place in the Viacom offices are these Hip-Hop Honors t-shirts for sale inside of the venue during the taping of the awards show.

    The gall of these people to produce a crappy show about Hip-Hop history and still think that it would merit the sale of overpriced cotton schmatte.

  10. chartreuse Says:

    Cotton is the life blood of the music industry. Recognize!

  11. […] that funny Bodega clip done by those clowns who had problems at the VH1 […]

  12. range Says:

    Wasn’t Sarah Silverman in Maxim recently?

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