Watch TV, Try Beta Web App And Read (The Three Cool Things To Do This Weekend)



So that funny Bodega clip done by those clowns who had problems at the VH1 awards?


That clip will air on CNN Headline news 4 times this weekend. It’s part of a 30 minute show called “news to me” which is on at  12:30pm and 5:30pm on both saturday and sunday. It’ll show up about 20 minutes in.

Check it out and tell your girl you know those guys.

amy winhouse rehab pic

Speaking of video, one of the guys involved with the creation of “WallStrip“, day trader guru Trader Mike, has a new venture.

It’s only in beta but I’ve been using it to keep up with the latest music business happenings (and Amy Winehouse) and it works great.  It tracks everything from news to podcasts to images and other stuff.

It’s called ‘Favebot‘ and it works like a discovery search engine.

It’s wwaayy cool and he said you can try it out, too. Check it out here.


And one other thing. The interview with Henry Copeland is a must read for professional bloggers.

That’s it.

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7 Comments on “Watch TV, Try Beta Web App And Read (The Three Cool Things To Do This Weekend)”

  1. tradermike Says:

    Thanks for the plug. Let’s hope Amazon’s server can hold up. 🙂

  2. […] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Don’t go Sharpton on me Moderation. I said ‘those clowns’ because the clip is funny!
    And no problem,TraderMike. The app rocks so it was a breeze.

  4. David L Says:

    nice app.

  5. engtech Says:

    Favbot looks cool. But it needs to bring you to the “add another tracking” screen after you add a tracking.

    I really like the idea though of putting in authors/actors/musicians I like and having a content bot letting me know when they’ve released new stuff.

  6. tradermike Says:

    I’m glad you like it engtech. I just changed a few things. Now, after adding a new tracking it returns you to your list of trackings, where you can click “add new tracking” if you wish. Also, it now brings back discoveries much quicker. More mods to come, including RSS feeds…

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