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After months of Internet brawls, high profile purchases and high profile defections it seems Matt and company might be ready to stabilize. Of course 1/5 of the sites on the network haven't been updated in almost a month but that can be forgiven considering the turmoil.

I (and others) are interested in seeing if we are seeing the real beginning of Blog Media or the end.

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7 Comments on “[blog network weekend] Blog Media”

  1. Matt Says:

    Traffic up 14% this month v. last month across the network – revenues continue to rise, I am not worried.

    Unfortunately, I have a blogger down with major surgery and another out with a child with cancer. Not a fun situation.

    Happy Saturday to you too 🙂

  2. David Krug Says:

    Truth of the matter is im not high profile. Shit I’m one guy with a few blogs. I still talk to Matt daily. Maybe we talk more now than before. I;m still running around yaking at the bloggers occasionally. Still blogging in all the same places. Revenue still being generated in all the same places mostly. Not a lot has changed. I think BM is going good places and have all the confidence in the world that they will be fine. You might also notice that our blogs. Chris’ and Mine, and ProBlogging all still sit on the BlogMedia server. So its not really a true defection. Defection would be if there was a falling out. Which there wasn’t really. It all boiled down to time management and blog hangover. I had a bad drunken spell with a bottle of blog. That’s all.

  3. David Krug Says:

    If your really bored you should analyze these stats and tell the people who think the blogosphere is dying to Fuqov


  4. chartreuse Says:


    I went to visit one of your network’s sites today and saw it hadn’t been updated. I had no idea about the problems some of your bloggers face. I wish them the best. We readers have no idea what’s going on and unless we are told in some kind of way we just start assuming things.

    By putting up the alexa chart I thought I was showing how despite all of the stuff that went on you were still trending upward. I think it’s complementary.

    Plus it inspired me to check out other networks and gave me a topic for the weekend. So thank you! 🙂


    I think defections is the right word to describe the situation. If you have a better one let me know.

  5. Matt Says:

    I still love ya man 😉

    It’s a shame – really our two best folks were felled by unforeseen circumstances. One has been through her surgery and is back here in the states (She lives in Jordan) recovering – the other is still working through family issues.

    But we’re here to stay 🙂

  6. Matt Says:

    By the way, we launched two new blogs today 🙂


  7. Yes, it’s a real problem is one or more of your key bloggers goes down, for whatever reason, and particularly if you’ve sold advertising on the site. Our sailing blog has had all kinds of trouble and finding a replacement of the right quality is not easy.

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