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Tuesday Morning Remix (Bond Girl Edition)

July 11, 2006


Bond Girl Pool Moment


[blog network weekend] Blog Media

May 13, 2006


After months of Internet brawls, high profile purchases and high profile defections it seems Matt and company might be ready to stabilize. Of course 1/5 of the sites on the network haven't been updated in almost a month but that can be forgiven considering the turmoil.

I (and others) are interested in seeing if we are seeing the real beginning of Blog Media or the end.

Michelle Malkin And The Death Of Old Hollywood (Or The Rise Of The New New Hollywood)

May 1, 2006

I don't like Michelle Malkin.

I think she exemplifies everything that's wrong with the age we live in.

She's loud and graceless.

But despite her politics she's right about something important and she's on the cusp of the new new Hollywood.


Can The Blog Herald Be Saved? (Or Advice For People With Amazing Cows)

April 18, 2006


not a true story

So this guy is driving his sports car on an empty road when the car breaks down. As he's looking under the hood a cow moseys over to the car, stares at the engine and then says

The problem is probably with your carburetor.

The guy, of course, is in shock. The cow had spoken to him!He looks around and sees a farmhouse in the distance. He runs to the farmhouse and bangs on the door. when the farmer answers he tells him the story of the talking cow.