Looking For Clues (without commentary)

(15:37:08) michael miraflor: http://www.myspace.com/flobots
(15:37:16) michael miraflor: so, supposedly this is the new sublime
(15:37:28) michael miraflor: sort of a rap / rock fusion
(15:37:36) michael miraflor: with political commentary
(15:37:44) michael miraflor: i hear a little linkin park
(15:37:53) michael miraflor: anyhow, “handlebars” is getting crazy rotation in socal
(15:39:33) rafi: hrmm
(15:39:33) michael miraflor <AUTO-REPLY> : I am away from my computer right now.
(15:39:38) rafi: sounds like garbage

(15:40:12) michael miraflor: the kids love it
(15:40:21) rafi: lies
(15:40:25) michael miraflor: true story
(15:40:45) michael miraflor: its kind of like clearchannel doesn’t know where they belong
(15:41:02) rafi: this is like last year when matt of 33third tried to convince me that la coka nostra have a huge rabid following in cali
(15:41:04) michael miraflor: i’ve heard it on a pop station, adult contemp, rock, and hiphop
(15:41:06) rafi: even if it’s true it means nothing
(15:41:12) rafi: this handlebars song sucks
(15:41:23) michael miraflor: it’s catchy
(15:41:29) rafi: you think?
(15:41:29) michael miraflor: i mean, it’s about riding a bike without handlebars
(15:41:54) michael miraflor: hey, chuck d said they were good
(15:41:57) rafi: lol
(15:42:12) rafi: thats the problem with advertising people… you’re looking for clues
(15:42:16) rafi: listen to the song
(15:42:19) rafi: it’s awful
(15:42:24) rafi: that is a terrible song
(15:42:31) michael miraflor: no no no
(15:42:35) michael miraflor: it’s not terrible at all
(15:42:38) michael miraflor: it’s contemporary
(15:42:46) michael miraflor: that’s the problem with you hip hop snobs
(15:42:52) michael miraflor: you think everything is automatically basura
(15:42:53) rafi: i’m not a hip-hop snob
(15:43:01) michael miraflor: yeah you are
(15:43:04) michael miraflor: you have a hip hop blog
(15:43:09) michael miraflor: which automatically qualifies you haha
(15:43:10) rafi: ha
(15:43:53) rafi: these guys just sound terrible to me… there’s no there there
(15:43:59) rafi: i’m on to the 2nd song now
(15:44:08) michael miraflor: okayplayer called them the future
(15:44:13) rafi: lol
(15:44:28) rafi: okayplayer almost put out birthday girl as a single! they have no clue as to what they’re doing
(15:44:45) michael miraflor: hey
(15:44:53) michael miraflor: birthday girl might have been the best song on that album
(15:45:06) rafi: hahahahaha
(15:46:05) rafi: i’m not opposed to it on principle… it was a shitty song
(15:46:19) rafi: if you’re going to go in a different direction to try and cross over
(15:46:22) rafi: at least have a catchy song
(15:46:28) michael miraflor: see, i still have an ear to the streets
(15:46:32) michael miraflor: … of orange county
(15:46:35) rafi: lol
(15:46:39) michael miraflor: and that song would have made that album go platinum
(15:46:53) michael miraflor: it had that dude from fall out boy
(15:47:01) michael miraflor: that’s like adding fergie to an underground rap group
(15:47:25) rafi: what am i gonna do with you mike
(15:47:34) michael miraflor: and the video was so hipster chic it killed me
(15:47:35) rafi: who would you rather be the roots or black eyed peas?
(15:47:45) michael miraflor: what with those 14 year old girls in american apparel
(15:48:05) michael miraflor: cutting that song was like burning a pile of money
(15:48:21) michael miraflor: i’d rather be the band with more money
(15:48:40) rafi: of course you would.. you’re an advertising… you think this 2nd rate college sounding band is the future
(15:48:45) rafi: you’re in* advertising
(15:48:53) michael miraflor: yes i am in advertising
(15:49:10) michael miraflor: i am riding the pulse of popular culture
(15:49:23) michael miraflor: and the pulse is telling me that handlebars is a hot single
(15:49:47) rafi: ok… my ears tell me this is some boring ass music and that song is particularly weak
(15:49:59) rafi: do you expect this group to have longevity?
(15:50:02) rafi: will they matter in 2 years?
(15:50:12) rafi: they dont even matter now
(15:50:21) rafi: what are they about?
(15:50:41) rafi: i mean i dont hear anything to get excited about is all i’m saying
(15:51:22) rafi: they’re just another myspace act
(15:52:21) michael miraflor: let’s put money on it
(15:52:42) rafi: on what? on whether they sell? poor barometer.. bands that sell still dont matter next year
(15:52:52) michael miraflor: it’s not based on principle (certainly not mine), but on the market
(15:52:54) rafi: i dont care that some poseurs who dont know music consider this important music
(15:53:03) rafi: they do because they’ve been told
(15:53:44) michael miraflor: haha look at their #1 infuence
(15:53:47) michael miraflor: *influence
(15:53:49) michael miraflor: the roots! hahahah
(15:53:49) rafi: you really think birthday girl would have meant a platinum album?
(15:53:53) michael miraflor: nah
(15:53:58) michael miraflor: of course not
(15:53:59) rafi: lol
(15:54:03) rafi: it just wasnt a hit
(15:54:08) rafi: you could listen to it and tell
(15:54:10) michael miraflor: but more OC kids would have copped the album
(15:54:18) rafi: the all important OC kids
(15:54:34) michael miraflor: you’re talking about like 4 million kids with spending power
(15:54:50) michael miraflor: and a penchant for whatever is playing on the radio
(15:55:10) rafi: credibility still matters right?
(15:55:17) michael miraflor: to the masses? no


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17 Comments on “Looking For Clues (without commentary)”

  1. Katheleen Harrison Says:

    Wow, the Flobots made Chartreuse! The song Handlebars is corny but they put on a great show. The advertising guy pissed me off though. We are NOT OC kids. What does that even mean? We just like the band.

  2. Lisa P Says:

    That song SUCKS!

  3. chartreuse Says:

    That song is an April Fools Joke.
    I hope.

  4. yes, it’s a real song. i was in LA all of last week and they played it on the radio over and over and over… it drove me insane. and then all of the sudden it registered that this is what the kids want. this is what the people want. so be it.

    the conversation was kind of an april fool’s joke, though. kind of.

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  6. Trance Says:

    The album is getting rave reviews (3.5/4 on OkayPlayer). It is making MAD noise in Southern California. It was done on the cheap (see the video on Youtube) and they put on great shows. The fact that the song sounds so raw is part of it’s appeal.

  7. Brian Clark Says:

    Listened to it, I’ve got two possible scenarios:

    1. That song is so ironic that it takes a whole new generation of ironicists to get it. Which means we’re just old.

    2. We’re just old.

  8. chartreuse Says:

    i stopped letting 17yo put music on my ipod (actually a creative zen) when they made “My Humps” into a hit. The fact that I am a grouchy old man who thought music peaked with “WHAM!”is not the point of this post.

    I wanted people to see the discussion going on by the supposed “tastemakers”.

    Rafi is a successful niche hip hop blog owner who would not have gotten his success without keeping his ear to the street,

    Micheal is an advertising guy who’s job is to tell us what to like.

    And in this situation, both are clueless.

    One just thinks the song sucks. The other thinks credibility doesnt matter and you can sell records today by putting a special guest on the album.

    both are right,wrong and clueless.

    note to self: ALWAYS include commentary.

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  10. 55 radio Says:

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  11. matt Says:

    Except the problem is that NO ONE can sell music today. Sellign music isn’t the ‘game” if it were, then major labels wouldn’t be looking at signing deals to give their sh*t away.

    Flobots suck, i have never heard ANYONE here in LA play them, or them be on any kind of steady rotation. No one is buing about them and yes i have my ear at least aprtially to teh street of LA (not OC). If you want to know whats hitting in the streets in LA, you ight actually have to park your car and walk around a little bit… but oh yeh, that might mean turning off the radio too.

  12. Josh Says:

    I can’t put into words how bad the song is. I live in LA and I can think of exactly one person who likes the song, and considering who it is, I have to say it only proves my point. You can even have bad music that’s marketable because it’s sexy, or catchy, but it’s not anything. It’s just lyrically impotent, apallingly unoriginal and boring musically, and caters to morons. BTW I’m 20, I’m hardly old enough to talk about “the kids”, but I am really having a hard time identifying with the crap that keeps coming out nowadays.

  13. A Fr13nD Says:

    I beg to differ

    i think their music is pretty amazing i stop to wonder if you actually listen to the music and lyrics or if you only payed attention to the handlebars part hmm

  14. Don’t you all understand the underlying message of the song? It’s about the United States, Branding, Advertising, and how we’re losing touch of what’s really important to us. It may even make other feel nostalgic when first time listeners hear the “i can ride my bike with no handlebars” line. When’s the last time you rode your bike around town just for the hell of it for fun? We’re so busy nowadays, that we don’t have the leisure to do things.

    On another note, the Flobots did target President Bush in this song as well with the lyrics:

    “And I can make you wanna buy a product
    Movers shakers and producers
    Me and my friends understand the future
    I see the strings that control the systems
    I can do anything with no assistance
    I can lead a nation with a microphone
    With a microphone
    With a microphone
    I can split the atoms of a molecule
    Of a molecule
    Of a molecule

    Look at me
    Look at me
    Driving and I won’t stop”

    “I can lead the nation with a microphone” – think about it, that’s what bush and his colleagues have been doing ever since he took office. and they are “driving and (they) won’t stop.”

  15. oh and let’s not mention:
    Did you know it was basically directed toward the government?

    “i can ride my bike with no handlebars” translates to – i can do anything i want.

    “I can lead the nation with a microphone”

    “Alive and on top
    My reach is global
    My tower secure
    My cause is noble
    My power is pure” – all this could be related to the government, however i question their “noble cause” haha

    thought i’d just bring that up.
    too bad they don’t play it on the radio anymore.

    the rest of their songs are garbage though.

  16. ldavis Says:

    The flobots are so bad they’re actually kind of funny. I swear when I first saw the ad for “fight with tools” on the comedy channel I really thought it was a spoof. Surely nobody could be that f-ing pretentious. Like they really expect us to get on over to best buy to buy this commercial crap. But it just kept getting funnier. The best was the blurb “…a focused flip-book of progressive leaning issues.” Ha! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. What a bunch of marketing hype. Not since Vanilla Ice has their been a musical act this painfully pretentious. And painfully funny.

  17. Basur Says:

    Except the problem is that NO ONE can sell music today. Sellign music isn’t the ‘game” if it were, then major labels wouldn’t be looking at signing deals to give their sh*t away.

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