interestingness (and other 21st Century Skills To Teach Your Kids)



I did not realize people were having such a hard time trying to find people to follow on Friendfeed and Twitter.

So as a public service I have gone through my Twitter and Friendfeed lists and put together a list of people you should follow and probably aren’t.

They all have only have one thing in common.

Interestingness. a 14yo kid who twits about his life and happens to be a tech junkie. Why follow? He’s been to like 7 countries and tweets things to friends like “iPhones are better than Sidekicks” Everyone should follow Noah Kagan who runs the website okdork, which is one of the most interesting sites around if you are into marketing, online communities and the like. Plus he is always giving away stuff. some college kid who loves her mom and is headed to NYC this week. How interesting do you think that will be?


law twits and blogs about his second year in law school. has made 60 videos on youtube, designs websites, and is growing his hair to look like meatloaf. a female doctor with kids and other issues and likes to whine about it. a chick who twits only when she is high. Really. a kinda arrogant dude who speaks several languages and happens to be an airline pilot. But you deal cuz he speaks several languages and happens to be a pilot! runs illdoctrine, is a famous dj and was in the latest nas video the mobile marketing hot chick opinionated new orleanian tech guy label guy turned marketing guru for the stars all the inside info on running her gossip site. i sometimes disagree with some of his views but he’s never bored

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12 Comments on “interestingness (and other 21st Century Skills To Teach Your Kids)”

  1. range Says:

    I don’t Twitter or do Friendfeed. In fact I rarely text or SMS. I find that since I use to have a cell phone for work for about four years, I consider a cell phone like a leash. I rarely get any calls on it. I use it to tell the time mostly. I don’t have an iPhone and don’t plan on getting one, even with the new ones that just came out.

    But hey, lots of people use those services. I rarely check my Facebook anymore either. Usually once every few weeks.

  2. Good to see Chartreuse back in action. I saw a tweet of yours to 1938media and that’s what prompted me to check back here. Twitter is still not dead.

  3. Rob Fields Says:

    Hey, man, thanks so much for the shout. I’m pleased to get a nod from you, since I dig this site. You’ve really perfected your style of arresting visuals and almost haiku-like text. Unfortunately, for me, I’m not sure my brain’s wired that way.

    See you around soon!

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Just some peopleI dig that were not my friends.

  5. charteuse Says:

    how did you become so awesome?

  6. chartreuse Says:

    i started using spellcheck.

  7. Daniel Edlen Says:

    Brilliant punchline. I love payoffs at the end.


  8. Wow…I made the “interesting” list. amazing. Thanks for the props. I guess I am a former label guy, it’s been so long I forgot!! LOL

  9. Simonbike Says:

    I love your blog…really. Did you already hear about water on mars? 🙂

  10. nosihle Says:

    you really should get a life because this thing that you are doing sucks really sucks i cnt force you to do something that you not ready yet to do but plz think about it cause in life we all have our ups and downs love you all people but it will help you to love your self first than othepeople will follow let us love our bodies and do nothing wrong with them then we will see our life

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