Bad Music, Bad Business And Other Thoughts On The American Way (The Sunday ‘Look, Up In The Sky’ Remix)

So Beyonce decides to give her impressions of The Blogging Times. She doesn’t mention the Blog Herald once in her review but does talk about RSS feeds and some kind of way drops her readers off at a site talking about Viagra, black people and Hurricane Katrina. Funny. And does anyone know why she got rid of her old site? I mean, I know what she said, but…

So there is a thread going on at the Velvet Rope about the worst songs of the ’90’s. Despite the fact that most Ropers are pretty pretentious when it comes to music the list they have come up with is diverse and mostly filled with songs which would make you tear your ears off. I mean let’s be real, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? What was that about? Or the songs about God hanging out on buses and shit? And how could the entire Ace Of Base catalog not make it? Anyway, it’s funny (in a ‘damn, I like that song, motherfucker!’ kind of way).

Candice and a another cool chick who made me promise never to mention her name again on my site, continue to put New Orleans in perspective for me. I’m really torn about moving my ragtag operations there. I need to work on my bravery.

I checked out the new Netscape so you don’t have to.

Everyone seems to be bashing PayPerPost. That means there is something there. Real people like the folks who blog on MySpace and Youtube will have no problem selling out for a few bucks. It’s the fucking American Way (even if the phrase isn’t mentioned in the new Superman flick.)

Here’s my vote for worse song of the 90’s.

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20 Comments on “Bad Music, Bad Business And Other Thoughts On The American Way (The Sunday ‘Look, Up In The Sky’ Remix)”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    More Beyonce.

  2. TerryC Says:

    The PayPerPost model is a great idea. I’m sure bloggers are going to be all over it. They can talk bad about it but they all will pay. Watch and see.

    If I owned a blog network I would be all over it.

  3. Brian Says:

    Good to see Breakfast At Tiffany’s by local Denton, Texas boys gone really bad Deep Blue Something coming up a favorite as worst song of the 90s.

    But that Marky Mark stuff should never be mentioned in polite conversation.


  4. Tyme Says:

    We all know if I mention the Blog Herald it wouldn’t be Tyme giving an opinion about the Blog Herald. It would morph into 9rules vs. Blog Media. Sad, but true.

    I need Not Too Geeky intact because the comments are over there. I have a dream that one day I will be able to get the comments and entries out of Expression Engine (in a way that actually works) so there it sits, while I patiently wait for developers to recognize that when I create content, I deserve to be able to do whatever I want to with it.

    VampireFeet: *big hug

  5. PayPerPost is phoney shit. Like Buzz Agenting. A person is PAID to be enthusiastic about a product. This ruins the entire idea of the web, and I”m sure Tim Berners-Lee, Doc Searls, and Evan Williams are against this crap.

    A Web of Trust is an ideal, a goal, never to be reached entirely, but constantly evolving. Already, the MSM has fallen into low credibility, and the blogosphere is advancing in journalistic and scholarly forms.

    A buzz agent or PayPerPost scheme is a Psycho Capitalism ploy to hype crummy junk products at gullible chumps.

    There is a place for blogging about what you like, in a sincere and meaningful manner. That place is your blog posts and your comments at other blogs.

    I often defend and praise Awasu feed scraper, Swicki custom search engines, Blogger, Google, Skype, etc. , but I don’t get paid to do so. If a company wanted me to blog for them, I would blog only about a general topic, not about their products exclusively. And I’d badmouth their products when they deserved it. That’s how they’d gain trust, through honest opinion expressions.

    New Orleans? Loserville, USA, dude. The levvies are corrupt. The ARmy Corps of Engineers screwed up, and admit it.

    New Orleans? Washed out to sea, eventually, as climate and weather patterns change, becoming more and more destructive. Only fools would “build their houses on sand” or on wetlands deltas.

    I’d rather live in Antarctica.

  6. checked out the new netscape so you dont have to…

    so perfect. Are you and i the only ones that think digg is waaay overrated and useless and jason is boring and self obsessed

  7. pay per post bashing is like google bashing

    GBuy gets just bashed but the poetential is so big and will likely work

    take the opposite of that trade. Google back at $420 while yahoo google, microsoft and ebay just puke market cap.

    It as if there are 1 million blogs and 10 worth reaing these days

  8. David Krug Says:

    I didn’t bash PayPerPost I actually bashed Mike Arrington for taking the money again.
    In fact I opened my mouth and got paid. 110 big ones. Does that make me biased. Of course it does.

    I officially sold out.

  9. Brian Says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, Vaspers the Grate was paid $110 by the City of Las Vegas to bash New Orleans.

  10. chartreuse Says:

    Digg is over-rated.
    PayPerPost is under-rated.

    Tyme, 9rules v. BlogMedia is good for my blog.

    Vaspers, count to ten. You obviously have not had he pleasures of drive-thru daquiri shops, shrimp po-boys and attempting to walk against the crowd during Mardi Gras. Antartica?!? Paleeze.

    Howard, Jason is even self-obsessed than I am. Except he’s boring, too.

    David, you sold out? I can’t believe that!

    VampireFeet, you are the second creepiest poster on this blog but the chicks still give you hugs. You need to write me a post on how you manage to pull that off!

  11. Matt Says:

    We all know if I mention the Blog Herald it wouldn’t be Tyme giving an opinion about the Blog Herald. It would morph into 9rules vs. Blog Media. Sad, but true.

    Not from me – post away. But others might choose to turn it into that.


  12. chartreuse Says:

    And Brian, you’re right. There is waayy too much Walhberg in this post!

  13. candice Says:

    Chartreuse! It’s not an open container if it doesn’t have a straw!

    One thing I will say about our fair city is that it’s an expensive place to set up shop at the moment.

    Tyme, I’m sure you could get some nerd type to find or make you a proper export script, most blog software stores everything in a normal database.

  14. chartreuse Says:

    That’s what I hear, Candice. But since I can literally work from anywhere, why shouldn’t I consider New Orleans? I don’t plan on making a move till early next year, so we’ll see.

  15. David Krug Says:

    Chartreuse, rumors of a new web 3.1a startup coming in New Orleans or what?

  16. chartreuse Says:

    I can’t talk about that but I will say thet your payperpost post was a good one.

  17. candice Says:

    By then, in theory, Metairie and Kenner will be repaired, and the less than four foot flooded areas of mid-city and other areas will probably open up. So that may just work.

    Like you said, we’ll see.

  18. range Says:

    Interesting, Payperpost is like product placement. I’m not sure its for me, but this is a free industry and a lot of players will try to make money or more money from blogs.

  19. […] Some interesting news from Chartreuse (ß). Char posts about a new service that pays bloggers to advertise on their blogs about products. It is called Payperpost. […]

  20. David Krug Says:

    Thanks Char,
    Now I’m locked in a battle with Scoble where he doesn’t want to donate his Microsoft Fuck You Money to charity and believes it hasn’t altered his opinion or slant of MicroShaft.

  21. Minic Rivera Says:

    Good post from Tyme. I listen and learn from all the posts here. One day I’ll have something to contribute. Thanks and happy 4th.

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